Parking Enforcement

With so many people living in Los Angeles, congestion is inevitable.  Crowded roads and jammed freeways are a given.  And with many neighborhoods enforcing permit restrictions, parking can be a real challenge.

It’s even a problem at my gym, where an 11 a.m. yoga class can turn the place into utter chaos.  A relatively new facility, they recently decided to implement valet parking.  Gah.  Another one to file under the headline, Angelenos aren’t like everyone else.  Now there are even fewer spaces (all the best parking spots are reserved for valet), and I’m sorry, I just refuse to tip someone to park my Prius when I’m dressed in grubby workout clothes and am perfectly capable of doing so myself.  Valet at a fancy restaurant?  Sure.  Fred Segal?  O.K.  But the freaking gym?  Seriously?

With all the good spots being eaten up by valet, apparently I am not the only one who has trouble finding a place to park.  This inventive guy (or gal) decided to create their own parking space.  Because when you’re late for Pilates and there’s no parking, you have to get creative:

Which brings me to the real reason for this post.  In a city with so many parking challenges (and let’s face it, so many terrible drivers), we truly have an epidemic of bad parking on our hands.  I suppose some people simply can’t help it (I am, admittedly, a pathetic parallel parker), but most of it is the result of laziness and selfishness.  That’s why I am so in love with the genius website  If you live in Los Angeles (or any other parking-challenged city), I highly recommend visiting the site and printing out some of their parking ‘tickets’ to keep on hand when you encounter offensive parkers.  These tickets offer a variety of offenses to choose from like ‘two spaces, one car,’ ‘umm. . . a little too close,’ and my personal favorite in the land of Hummers and ginormous SUVs, ‘that’s a compact?’  Simply check the box next to the offense, and slip it on the offender’s windshield.

A bit snarky?  Perhaps.  But if you’ve ever had your driveway blocked one too many times, or can’t find parking at the mall because of too may people taking up 1.5 parking spaces, then you feel my pain.  So visit the site, download some parking tickets like the ones pictured below, and together, let’s help make the world a better place, one parking spot at a time.

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