Leap Day.

Today is February 29th.  A day we only observe once every four years, during what we call a ‘Leap Year.’

(For more information about why we observe Leap Years, look here)

Leap Day is an oddity in an odd month.  I mean, really, did you ever stop to think about why February, with only 28 days, is 2 to 3 days shorter than every other month in the year?  A bit silly, if you ask me.  Why should we single out February to get the short end of the calendar?

But for whatever reason, we do single out February as different.  And in this odd little month, there’s no escaping the fact that today is special.  I like to think of it as a bonus day; a gift, really.  And as such, I think that’s cause to shake things up a little bit.  Stand on your head (or in my case, attempt to stand on your head and fail miserably).  Meditate.  Write a poem.  Step away from your computer for 10 minutes and take a walk.  Laugh out loud for no reason.  Call a friend you haven’t talked to in forever.  Go to the kids’ section of your local crafts store and buy a paint-by-number.  Read a Dr. Seuss book.  Pick a flower and wear it in your hair.

Whatever it is, do yourself a favor and do something, one thing that’s different today.  And if you find yourself getting caught up in the daily garbage that we so often get caught in when going through the motions of our day, stop, take a breath, and read this:


Act accordingly.

Until next time, friends.

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