Getting more fun out of life.

When did life become so much work?  Seriously.  Have you seen that commercial – I think it’s for a cruise line – where the voiceover says something like ‘Do you ever feel like everyone’s having more fun than you?  They are.’ – and then they tell you to go to Aruba or some other tropical island to rediscover your fun?

I hate that commercial.  I mostly hate it because that damn voiceover guy is right.  Everyone is having more fun than me, and it pisses me off.

Even with stuff that is supposed to be fun, it always ends up being work, too.  Take, for example, the play that James and I are producing:  P L.A.Y Noir.  The whole point of producing a play is so that we can act and direct and do all the fun creative stuff that we love to do, play roles we don’t get cast in, and collaborate with our friends.  Super fun, right?

I’ll tell you what’s not fun:   all the crap you have to do as a producer to make sure the show happens, before you can get to the fun.  It’s not fun to wrangle schedules for 5 one-acts with overlapping casts, 12 actors, and 5 directors.  It’s not fun to send 50 emails a day about all kinds of logistical stuff you didn’t realize you needed to worry about, because it was supposed to already be taken care of.  It’s not fun to stress about finding rehearsal spaces, because the theater is never available.  And it’s not fun to worry about allll the stuff you shouldn’t be worrying about yet because it’s too early to worry about ‘potential’ problems that are still weeks away, when you have current problems right in front of your face that you need to deal with here, today.

Sigh.  Do you see my issue?  It’s quite possible that I need to meditate, or take a valium, or both.  But short of chanting or medicating myself, or taking a Caribbean vacation (I’m still mad about that commercial), what’s a girl to do to inject more fun into her daily life?

I think it has something to do with learning not to take things so seriously, to enjoy the journey, to take fun breaks (Really?  Am I at the point in my life where I need to schedule time for ‘fun’?), to not sweat the small stuff.  But for an admittedly type A control freak compulsive worrier like myself, ‘learning’ how to pause the craziness and smell the roses is damn hard.

I guess admitting that you have a problem is the first step toward recovery.  So here I am, admitting it.  I want to have more fun and not stress about everything, but I have no idea how to do it, or where to begin.  If you have suggestions – no matter how simple, or alternatively, how extreme – I’m open to hearing them.

In the mean time, it’s Friday, so I guess I should get started on that fun thing.

Until next time, friends.

8 thoughts on “Getting more fun out of life.

  1. I find myself getting stressed often as well. I recently started taking a few (beginner lever) yoga classes at my local gym and it has made a tremendous difference in my stress levels. I find myself more relaxed and focused throughout the day. I have also found that I have more energy and I am not just wanting to take a nap every time I have a free second anymore. Also, I have been trying one new cocktail everyday which is enjoyable, delicious, and helps take the edge off of my stress. I hope this helps goodluck!

  2. Water. A hot bath. A jacuzzi soak. Soaking your feet in fragrant, bubbly water. (Not bubbly as in champagne, more like bubble bath salts bubbly.) Drinking more water, perhaps. With mint leaves and lemon. Going to sleep to the sound of ocean waves. Walking by the ocean. Water.

  3. I have advice…. you’re crazy! Those are the funnest parts of production! I know, I’m more the behind the scenes personality. But I love running around putting out fires, finding solutions to problems and getting the best work out of everyone. Ask Michael – he has not participation in planning our vacations… I do all the planning, price comparing, and itinerary designing without him.

  4. Oh, I feel ya. Hell, I need suggestions myself! It’s so easy to get caught up in the minutia of everything. Walks, reading, anything to take a break for even 15 minutes I think is helpful. Now to schedule those in… 🙂

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