The same people with different faces.

Ever since I’ve been changing, ever since I stopped abiding by ‘the rules,’ ever since I’ve been less of whatever it was that I used to be, I keep meeting the same people with different faces, over and over and over again.

I would give anything to encounter someone who’s less predictable, less exactly-what-I-expected, less rule-bound and polite and politic. I’m exhausted by people who say the right thing and do the right thing, are nice enough and kind enough but only just enough, just enough to not really be anything.

Just enough is no longer enough. Not for me. Just enough is cold, impersonal, indifferent. Just enough feels like slowly dying.

I want to know who you are. I want to know what you believe in, what – and who – you are willing to stand behind. I want to know about the one thing that gets you out of bed in the morning, the thing that you’d be willing to risk it all for. I want to know what makes your heart beat, what stops your breath, the things you dream about when you’re awake. And yes, I even want to know your flaws, your struggles, your weakest points. Just don’t ask me to fix them.

Life is happening all around us, and I don’t have any more time for people who are not on fire for their lives. Where are the ones who greet the day with enthusiasm, bursting with passion for what’s next? Where are the ones who don’t rely on words alone – because they know that words are nothing but a false promise if not met by action?

Please be different. Please listen, please be aware, please be present. Please be willing to be wrong, to challenge what’s expected, to voice your opinion proudly, even if it means making enemies. Please embrace magic and wonder, please be engaged, be fascinated, please give a damn about something bigger than yourself. Please be alive. Be alive. Be alive.

Please don’t just tolerate me, or tell me ‘good job,’ or (the worst) ‘I’m sorry.’ Please inspire me, provoke me, even, but please, please, please make me feel something. Make me feel something, and I promise you, I’ll do the same.

Whatever you do, please just don’t be more of those same people with different faces. The ones who are everything to everyone and nothing to no one. Please be something more than that, I am begging you.

I am aching for the world to wake up.

6 thoughts on “The same people with different faces.

  1. Hurrah! There are too many willing to bow their heads down and trudge along daily with no sense of true purpose. Although I do have to respect their ability to conform and do what they do to maintain the norm. Otherwise, I guess it would just be anarchy. Not necessarily a bad thing but we are not ready for that.
    We should though strive to push the envelope and step out of our comfort zones every so often. For the good and the bad, change is something we need if we really want to experience living.

  2. But the world can never wake up, at least not at the same time, at the same rate.
    The plastic mask of politeness, those empty everyday empty gestures can never crumble.
    For otherwise humanity would sink into despair without a synthetic raft to keep it’s optimists afloat

  3. “I want to know who you are.” I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately. I’m at the point where I’m in the middle of my university studies and I’m not really finding them interesting anymore, and my past hobbies no longer feel like fun. I think that sometimes the mask of being polite and “just enough” is something we fall back on when we are still trying to figure out who we are and what we want from life.

    I just came across your blog today and read a few of your posts. Your writing is very moving, thank you for sharing your experiences.

    ~ Ani

  4. Curiosity killed the cat and thankfully, that cat was not me 🙂 I don’t want to know nobody as we are all dynamically changing beings. What you will tell me today, tomorrow, you’d be someone else. Hence, I prefer seeing and enjoiyng people like birds on a tree.

    And since you wrote “please” at least ten times to make you feel something. Hence I will tell you this. I clicked on the tag “love” on your blog and almost gave up after reading the tenth post, finding no mention of you being in love with a stranger (apart from your family).

    Your writing disappointed me. And of course, I fault no one but myself for sticking my expectations at a wrong place, at a wrong time with definitely a right individual, an awesome writer. Hopefully I read something about your love adventures too someday.


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